Dunnydeer Hill Race

Due to ongoing COVID restrictions there will be no Dunnydeer Hill race for 2021. However we are instead going to hold a virtual race around a slightly different course.

The virtual ITRC Dunnydeer dash will help raise money for Friends of Insch hospital and community health care services as we (ITRC) haven’t had a chance to run the usual hill race to fundraise since 2019. Instead of an entry fee we ask that anyone completing the virtual race please make a donation to the following link: Virtual Dunnydeer Dash

The amended route avoids the coo’s and gives you double the Dunnydeer fun! So run it. Save a selfie, donate to the page and have fun! An easy 7km…. honest! The route: There is a Strava segment (ITRC Insch Hospital Dunnydeer loop) which will be used to track those taking part or alternatively send us your loop and don’t forget a selfie tag for us on Instagram (insch_trail_runners)! Start and finish at the bridge that crosses the Shevock behind Insch hospital. Then follow the normal hill race route to Dunnydeer by going up Rannes St, then Charles Street and left onto Western Road. Then once at Dunnydeer head straight up from the carpark, through the kissing gate, over the top and down the other side. Through the gate and continue on the race route bearing right, the trail heads down towards the road but look for the left track about half way down. Continue to the gate at the normal road crossing. Elbow (covid friendly) the gate then turn around and follow the trail back up with the fence to your right. Back through the gate and up Dunnydeer again. As you come back down take care to turn right at the kissing gate and take the longer loop back to the carpark and retrace your steps back to the hospital bridge.

Family/Junior/shorter version: Run, walk, crawl the loop starting and finishing at the dunnydeer carpark. It has a segment too!!!! Good luck and remember to tag ITRC on social media! You have till September 1st to complete the route and there are no limits to how many attempts you do! Go run/walk it every day is you wish! Prizes will be allocated! Insch trail running club #ITRC #virtualdunnydeerdash

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