Training is now back on every Tuesday at 7pm (remember your headtorch).  However with guidelines in place.  See below.

Tuesday Hill Reps
20th Oct Back o’Bennachie
27th Oct Insch, Train Station
3rd Nov Back o’Bennachie
10th Nov Back o’Bennachie
17th Nov Fetternear Night Series
19th Nov (Thurs) Insch, BLC
24th Nov Back o’Bennachie
1st Dec Insch, Train Station
8th Dec Back o’Bennachie
15th Dec Fetternear Night Series
17th Dec (Thurs) Insch, BLC
22nd Dec Back o’Bennachie
As per Scottish athletics we can only have training groups at a maximum of 15 per group which means we will split the training into 2 groups (as we don’t tend to get any more than 30 members each week).  See blow detailed guidelines of what to do upon arrival and during training:
– Myself and another club member will be assigned to take control  and lead each group each group (Group A and Group B) throughout the evening.
– When you arrive at training (either Bennachie Centre or Back of Bennachie) please maintain social distancing.  Once we have an idea of numbers we will split into groups accordingly.
– Once your group is confirmed you cannot switch or join in with the other group at any point in the session.
– There will be a sign in sheet for each group so we can track and trace accordingly and know who was in each group every week. This must be completed prior to reps starting.
– When waiting in your group we ask that members to wear a facecover and maintain social distancing accordingly.  This can be removed once we start warming up and jogging to the hill.
– Each group will conduct reps at a different location.
– If you do need to go past someone during the session then please make them aware and be patient.  You may just have to wait until there is a suitable point during the rep if it gets congested.
– When reps are finishing, and we go back to the car park, again we ask that you stick to your groups until the session is completely finished. Again once we have stopped please put a Facecover back on.

Prior to attending the training session you must ensure you have read and understood our risk assessment (ITRC Training Risk Assessment Rev 0)