We have 2 main training nights throughout the week with a hill rep session on a Tuesday and a (flat) rep session on a Thursday to focus on speed. We also have long runs planned most weekends (details of this are put on our Facebook page a few days prior).

Each session caters for all abilities. Please see below a list of the Tuesday and Thursday training for the next few months.  Both rep sessions begin at 7pm and sessions require trail shoes and headtorch (for the winter months) unless stated otherwise.  Please be aware that due to adverse winter weather some sessions may be moved or cancelled so always keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

Training is for club members only, however, non-members can attend a few sessions to see what its all about prior to becoming a member.

Prior to attending the training sessions you must ensure you have read and understood our risk assessment (ITRC Training Risk Assessment Rev 0)

BOB: Back of Bennachie carpark BLC: Bennachie Leisure Centre, Insch 
BC: Bennachie Centre carpark DV: Donview Car Park
Tuesday (Hill Session) 7pm   Thursday (Speed Session) 7PM
12th 5 x Short reps / 1k loop (2-3 sets) @ BC 14th 8-10 x 300m reps @ BLC
19th Dunnydeer Pyramid (4-6 sets) @ BLC 21st Fartlek session @ BLC
26th Double Trouble rep (3-6 sets) @ BOB 28th 6-8 x 450m reps @ BLC
3rd Krunce Race 4 5th 8 x 175m reps (2-3 sets)  @ BLC
10th Old School reps (4-6 reps) @ BOB 12th 4-8 x 750m reps (tarmac) @ BLC
17th 200m reps x 5 (2 sets) @ BOB 19th 8-10 x 300m reps @ BLC
24th Dunnydeer reps (4-6 reps) @ BLC 26th Fartlek session @ BLC
31st 400m logging road @ BOB
August 2nd 6-8 x 450m reps @ BLC
7th Krunce Race 5 9th 8 x 175m reps (2-3 sets)  @ BLC
14th Dunnydeer reverse (4-8 reps) @ BLC 16th 4-8 x 750m reps (tarmac) @ BLC
21st 5 x Short reps / 1k loop (2-3 sets) @ BC 23rd 8-10 x 300m reps @ BLC
28th Dunnydeer Pyramid (4-6 sets) @ BLC 30th Fartlek session @ BLC