Training is every Tuesday at various locations around Bennachie and Insch. For members all sessions will be on the Team App, please confirm training attendance using the app.  For any runners coming along for the first time please e-mail to confirm attendance and will make sure a coach ties in with you prior to starting the session. 

Below is details of where the training will be for the next few months.  All sessions start at 7pm and will require a headtorch and trail shoes. Prior to attending the training session you must ensure you have read and understood our risk assessment (ITRC Training Risk Assessment Rev 0).

Tuesday DateLocationPlanned session and notes
12th JulyBack of BennachieUphill drills / technique (15min approx) then 3 x 3min up 90sec down
19th JulyBennachie Visitors Centre500m loop reps (in pairs) for 30 minutes
26th JulyBLC – InschRunning drills then XC reps 6 x 2min (60 sec rec)
2nd AugBack of Bennachie3min @ tempo (90sec out and back logging road) then 6 x 3min up (90sec down)
9th AugBack of Bennachie400m logging road reps plus 6 x 30s (60sec rec) at the end
16th AugBLC – InschDunnydeer Pyrmid reps for 30 minutes
23rd AugBack of Bennachie3min @ tempo (90sec out and back logging road) then 8 x 2min up 1min down
30th AugBLC – InschDrumrossie hill 4×30/2×60/1×90/2×60/4×30 pyramid (recovery approx double rep) / 3min @ tempo before and after reps (90sec out and back on road)