Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all club training is currently cancelled until further notice. 

However to help keep structure and training ongoing for our members see below a summary of hill and speed sessions to try out.  Aim to put 1 hill and 1 speed session into your weekly plan where possible, ensuring a few days between each session to aid recovery.  We’d advise supplementing the training sessions with 1 or 2 easy runs plus a longer run at the weekend where possible.

Prior to attending the training session you must ensure you have read and understood our risk assessment (ITRC Training Risk Assessment Rev 0)

The below sessions should include a 10 minutes minimum warm up and cool down:

Speed Rep Description
1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1  with 1 minute recovery @ 5k pace
8/6/4/2/2 with 2 minute recover @ 5k pace
10min/10 x 1min/10min @ 5k pace (1 min recovery between reps)
Fartlek session – 30 minutes of sprints, varying distance and speed
6 or 8 x 6 min with 2 minute recovery @ 10k pace
Hill Reps Description
12 x 1 min (2 min recovery)
8 x 2 mins (1 min recovery)
2 sets (4 x 30, 2 x 60, 1 x 90 reps – recovery back to start point)
6 x 3 mins (90 sec recovery)
4 x 90 sec (2min recovery) / 10 x 30sec (60sec recovery)