Race Calender

We are proud to announce that, going forward, we will be organising the Tap O’Noth hill race. For more information please go to the following page:

Tap O’Noth Hill Race

As much as we’d like to present you with a nice list of all the great races Scotland has to offer for 2017, that would just take us hours and hours to write up…and to be honest we’d much rather spend that time up in the hills running free and forgetting our responsibilities!

The ITRC Facebook page will be updated regularly with links to upcoming races so always keep an eye on that.  Plus our Club Championship page also has a list of the races you will need to do in order to qualify for the yearly award.

There are obviously more races available than mentioned above so please see below several links to some great running websites which will give you information on more races than you could ever hope to run in a year:

Scottish Hill Racing
Scottish Hill Runners
Scottish Running Guide
Si Entries
Entry Central