Committee & Membership


Club Committee

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Chairperson: Graham Aitken
Vice Chairperson: Andrew Simpson
Secretary: Andrew Simpson
Membership Secretary: Gordon Gunn
Treasurer: Joe Aitken
Training sessions / coaching: Graham Aitken (CIRF Level 2)
Welfare Officer: Jeni Rees-Jenkins


£20 for full member

£5 for social membership

If you wish to join our friendly club, then please complete the membership via Entry Central Following this you can then join our facebook page.  Any queries regarding membership please contact us via the following e-mail (

Prior to accepting membership on the Entry Central link you will be required to review, understand and agree to all the following documents (the agreement on Entry Central will be used instead of signing the document).  If you have any queries or questions with any of the documents please contact our Welfare Officer (