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I started seriously running at the beginning of 2016 after attending the Garioch Gazelles 10 week to 10k program and it was their enthusiasm and encouragement that first got me hooked on running.  It wasn’t until I started running with the Insch Trail Running Club however that I became more and more dedicated (or what some would call obsessed) to running.  What simply started as someone asking ‘Do you fancy hillreps this Wednesday?’ soon became a borderline addiction to running up hills and along trails with other like minded runners.  Since then I’ve entered various races and began increasing my running distances with a view to one day competing in some marathons and hopefully even an ultra!
Main Races for 2017: Devil of Deeside, Edinburgh Marathon, Mamores VK and POSSIBLY Glen Ogle (first ultra!)
Inspiration:  “You get out what you put in!”  (Classic Sinco quote!)